How Student Information Systems Benefit Teachers and Educators

12 Oct 2023
Student Information Systems

Teamwork, strategy and timely resolution of problems are the central tenets of institutional workflow, which might not always go as planned. Furthermore, educational institutes deal with multifarious activities simultaneously and strive to maintain productivity.

However, amidst the varying students' needs and demands to meet the excellent global standards, institutes falter from time to time. That is where the student information system comes into use; it is a versatile software that optimises most of the crucial educational processes.


What is a Student Information System?

Student information system (SIS) is an ed-tech solution that facilitates schools/colleges to streamline their administrative activities seamlessly. It provides an easy-to-navigate platform that allows them to store, collect, manage and update student-related information.

Moreover, the software provides an automated mechanism, enabling institutes to execute and maintain critical processes. For instance, it helps to simplify the enrollment system by eliminating paper-based procedures.

But how does the Student information system benefit teachers and students? Let us have a look: benefit of teachers and students

Organised Student Data

An institute collects and maintains all information about students’ academic cycles. Whether it’s from the initial procedures of their enrollment or their performance in the summative exams and class tests, institutes must maintain accurate records.

Paper-based methods have been used for the longest time, wherein admin and teachers wrote it down manually. Later on, computerised entries of information took precedence; however, it still requires manual intervention.

Evidently, a lot of time and effort goes into the manual process; on the other hand, Student Information Systems automates the process, enabling faculty/ teachers to manage data conveniently. In fact, they provide the following facilities:

  • A centralised system for student information.
  • Ensures data accuracy.
  • Auto updates information based on student activity.
  • Teachers and students can both check the necessary details, including attendance and grade card details, accordingly.

Enhanced Communication System

Outdated mechanisms like posting notices on the school/college notice boards are not the only ways to alert stakeholders regarding important events. Thanks to the tech revolution, we can get any information at our fingertips.

However, it is critical to determine the accuracy of the news because misinformation can lead to chaos and confusion. That is why combining the school management system with Student information system is the perfect strategy to help automate time-consuming practices.

Also, it provides a common platform that will enhance the communication between teachers and students :

  • Teachers can easily reach out to students and inform them about the due assignments, practicals, etc.
  • Provide personalised guidelines to the students regarding their homework or assignments.
  • Students can contact the teacher at the official working hours to ask for guidance.
  • Communication tools enable students, teachers and parents to maintain and strengthen a continuous link.

Track Student Performance

The integral connection between student performance and academic success is undeniable; therefore, institutes strive to take the necessary steps to ensure in-class excellence. Tools like the SIS provide multiple mechanisms to assess student performance and improve it drastically.

The software provides an appropriate platform to carry out administrative activities quickly, helping to free up time to focus on teaching and learning activities. Consequently, it enables them to asses students more cautiously and identify their problem areas.

Also, they can track attendance, grading and communication, helping to analyse the overall student performance. At the same time, students can also check their progress through the student portal in the system.

Student Retention

Although the institute is not responsible for students who voluntarily stop coming to school/college, they can take steps to identify at-risk students. Besides, one of the main objectives of NEP 2020 is to reduce the drop-out rate and achieve a 100 per cent Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER).

Furthermore, the software has built-in student performance analytics and an attendance tracking system, allowing teachers to assess at-risk students. Therefore, teachers can utilise the data to provide targeted support and appropriate interventions.

In fact, the system proves to be immensely useful while planning student intervention plans by providing a common communication channel between faculty, admin and institute leaders.

Improved Academic Performance

Varied levels of classroom performance, scores and results of examinations reflect differentiated student capabilities. Some do well, while some struggle throughout the session, but that is where teachers play an essential role in understanding the latter’s shortcomings and providing appropriate solutions.

Modern technological solutions have become commonplace in today’s scenario; however, selecting the right system to carry out desired changes is crucial. A student information system is an ideal software that facilitates procedures to ensure academic success through the following ways:

  • AI-powered analytics dashboard gives a detailed view of how the students perform in-class activities as well as exams.
  • A combined analysis of grades, assessments, and attendance enables teachers to understand student’s problem areas and develop personalised learning plans.
  • When students get timely feedback from teachers, they can self-monitor their progress and overcome their shortcomings.

Teacher Productivity

Teachers are responsible for driving excellent class performance; at the same time, they must carry out many student-related administrative tasks. For instance, maintaining an attendance register, creating lesson plans, organising exam results and assignment details, etc.

Needless to say, a lot of time and effort goes into carrying out such tasks; thankfully, systems like the Student information system and school management system can automate most administrative activities.

Consequently, they can replace the manual procedures and rely on the software to check student data and streamline other tasks seamlessly. Hence, they can maximise their time in the classroom and implement better pedagogies.

Assured Security

Storing crucial information in the digitalised platform has multiple benefits, such as ease of access and elimination of paper-based methods. However, it also raises a few important concerns regarding the security.

We all are aware of the prevalent cyber attacks and hacking activities that aim to steal vital documents and files stored online. Fortunately, cloud-based Student information system provides a highly secured online platform.

In addition, role-based access, encryption and password protection system ensures that only authorised personnel can access private information. So, all student and institute-related information is safe.

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To Wrap It Up,

Student Information System is a modern and advanced software that helps teachers carry out administrative processes in a fraction of the time. Moreover, it equally benefits the students by allowing them access to relevant information.

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